Your child will love these Christmas books…

With the Christmas season here, we are excited to share our festive collection of top books for Christmas, perfect for children, not only allowing them to explore Christmas but also enhancing their comprehension and reading abilities. Step into the world of characters from various stories and explore Christmas stories. From Christmas tales to heartwarming stories

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How schools, parents and pupils can support Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, the SATs Companion team is here to support schools, teachers, parents, and pupils through these trying times. Whilst we can't provide you with all the answers, we can help. The team is busy providing new wellbeing content, meanwhile, refer to our recommended resources below. Explaining the war An exceptional

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Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day

Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day To celebrate World Book Day's 25th anniversary, we've shared our favourite upper KS2 stories, perfect for the classroom or to read at home. Plus, you can download our free & fun World Book Day pack here to boost creativity and spark the magic of reading here:

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Magic of Topic Words

The Magic of KS2 Topic SpaG Words Getting to grips with difficult words can be tricky, but keeping your child's interest piqued can be an even greater challenge. As we approach the 4-month mark to the 2022 SATs, we're focus on a core KS2 topic. Today as we continue to focus on spelling, enjoy our

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Christmas Around the World (Plus a free festive Reading Pack)

Christmas encompasses many different practices, traditions & meanings for people around the world. Having been celebrated all the way back in Ancient Rome, the most wonderful time of the year is still celebrated today by billions of people in hundreds of different countries globally.  Our seasonal Christmas Around the World Christmas Reading Pack, suitable for

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New Unit: KS2 Science

New Unit: KS2 Science Developing curiosity in pupils is important, but nurturing it even more so. We're excited to announce a large and exciting change to the platform, with the launch of our new KS2 Science Unit. What will the new unit include? The new UKS2 Science module is currently comprised of formative practice question

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Say Hello to Self-Kindness (Plus a FREE Self-Kindness Activity Pack)

Welcome to our second post about helping your child discover emotional wellbeing in a fun & focused way. Today's theme: Self-kindness. We all know how important it is to be kind to others, but why do we forget how to be kind to ourselves? The golden rule is 'Treat others the way

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How to create a successful revision schedule for KS2 SATs

How to create a successful revision schedule for KS2 SATs With the KS2 SATs approaching, you may be looking at ways to support your child with revision before the tests in May. We've scoured the internet and spoken with our SATs experts to compile the top tips for preparing for the SATs. 1. Set

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Fun family activities for Mother’s Day

Go glamping Why not explore the warm weather this weekend with your child? If you have a garden try setting up a tent outside, bring out some books, some snacks and enjoy the great outdoors! Take some pictures! Sometimes it's the little things that have the biggest impact. Just spending some time

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Year Six Maths: Homework Hacks for Busy Parents

After a long exhausting day at school, doing homework can be hard! This is why we have prepared a list of hacks to help you battle Maths homework. With our collection of tips, we believe that you and your child will soon began to enjoy Year Six Maths homework. As we all know, it

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9 Books to Read this Christmas for Year 6 Pupils

If you would like to help your child relish the joys of the festive season, then you will definitely find a gem in our list of books to read this Christmas for Year 6 pupils! We have gathered together timeless tales and modern enigmas to read during the break and unleash the Christmas spirit!

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Help your child with Maths and Reading

Maths for your 11-year-old can seem like such a challenge to overcome, and at times Reading can feel excessively laborious, too. With the SATs approaching quickly, and Secondary school applications knocking on the door, Year 6 can be a stressful and overwhelming period for your child. To help combat this, we've put together a

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5 best ways to help your child with SPAG KS2 SATs

5 best ways to help your child with SPAG KS2 SATs Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is a key part of the Year 6 SATs. But how can you help your child with SPAG? All it takes is lots of practice and a bundle of SATs Companion! Help your child reach that 100 on their

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Reading at Year 6 – Always a pleasure or a chore?

Reading at Year 6 - what's the fuss? Most young kids love reading, but when the busy Year 6 starts, it can be challenging to find the time to encourage them to read for fun. It's important to remember, however, that the more kids read on their own time, the higher they tend to

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Dealing with Maths Anxiety

Dealing with Maths Anxiety I remember the feeling... Palms sweaty, heart racing, stomach fluttering.... Trying not to seem bothered and praying it would be over soon. No - I'm not talking about going on a roller coaster.. I'm talking about how I used to feel during every single Maths lesson. An estimated 2 million children

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How to make the most out of your local library

It's Libraries Week! To celebrate the wonderful addition libraries make to our communities, here's some tips on making the most out of your local library. If you'd like to add your own ideas to this list, tweet us @Sats_companion or send us an email info@satscompanion.com. 1. More than just books! First of all libraries are

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