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Christmas inspired Reading and SPaG Activity Pack

With the festive season upon us, we've created a Christmas inspired Reading and SPaG activity that will provide excellent SATs practice for your class. What is included in this free resource pack? - Detailed reading text -Reading and SPaG Questions -Full answer pack Download your free activity pack by clicking here.

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Top 3 Ways To Manage First Term Stress

With September well underway, it’s the time of year when the novelty of being back to school sometimes turns to back to school stress. Although the majority of you will have big grins as you can finally get a break, there is still work to do! After the long summer break of no curfews,

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9 Books to Read this Christmas for Year 6 Pupils

If you would like to help your child relish the joys of the festive season, then you will definitely find a gem in our list of books to read this Christmas for Year 6 pupils! We have gathered together timeless tales and modern enigmas to read during the break and unleash the Christmas spirit!

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