A FREE Resource for Christmas: Get Your End of Term Activity Sorted!

📚 A FREE Resource for Christmas: Get Your End of Term Activity Sorted! What better way to embrace the holiday spirit than with our fun and engaging KS2 Christmas Activity Pack! Packed with real assessment questions for Year 5 and Year 6, this resource covers a wide range of topics and Christmas-themed activities that are

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Everything You Need to Know About Year 6 SATs 2024: Dates, Subjects, and Scoring

📚 Preparing for the Year 6 SATs 2024: Key Changes for SATs 2024 and how to prepare Welcome to our comprehensive guide to SATs! As the SATs 2024 approaches in Spring, schools nationwide are supporting pupils to prepare for this assessment. We've compiled all the essential information and some valuable tips to assist you in

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Get it Right from the Start: Your Ultimate Guide for KS2 to Secondary

📚 Get it Right from the Start: A Parents Guide for KS2 to Secondary: Here's what to expect from KS2 to Secondary School:  As we navigate the end of the academic year, uncertainties surround the transition from KS2 to KS3. With ever-changing rules and roadmaps, the process may need to adapt from traditional methods. Nevertheless,

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Back to School: A Journey of Learning and Growth

Welcome back, teachers! The return to school can be an exciting yet challenging time, especially when you're working with Year 6 pupils who are on the cusp of transitioning to secondary school. Building strong teacher-pupil relationships, creating a positive classroom environment, and addressing anxieties are essential elements of a successful school year. In this blog,

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The top 6 MUST read books before you start teaching Year 6 in September

The top 6 MUST read books before you start teaching Year 6 in September Embarking on a new journey into teaching Year 6? Or simply want to enhance your professional development for the start of the term? You're in the right place! It's always a good idea to engage with CPD and there is a

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Smooth Transitions: Survival Tips for New Teachers Moving to Year 6

Smooth Transitions: Survival Tips for New Teachers Moving to Year 6 Joining a new year group as a teacher can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, especially when it comes to Year 6. As an important milestone in every student's primary education, Year 6 demands careful planning, effective teaching strategies, and a deep understanding of the

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Top 10 UK Educators you NEED to follow on Twitter

Top 10 UK Educators you NEED to follow on Twitter Teacher twitter seems to be trending every other week, with important discussions around exams, teacher strikes, and everyday life taking the spotlight. It’s a bustling, welcoming, and friendly community that you should be a part of. If you’re tired of being out of the loop,

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Artificial Intelligence and Education

The AI Prerogative: The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Education It’s 6 pm on a Friday. It’s been a long and exhausting day teaching at school. You’re cosying up on the sofa with a cup of tea about to switch on the telly, but terror strikes as you remember the 30 viridian maths books, piled

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Contemporary Faces in Maths World Maths Day

Contemporary Faces in Maths With World Maths Day here, everything to do with numbers, shapes and equations will be the focus of schools worldwide. However, teachers may not be aware of these contemporary faces whose achievements are monumental! Imagine the kinds of questions they ask! SATs Companion wants to shed light on these minds for

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8 Activities to try with your classroom this Ramadan

8 Activities to try with your Class this Ramadan Are you wondering how to cater to your students this Ramadan? It is a time of spiritual cleansing from March Wednesday 22nd, 2023, to Friday, April 21, 2023, and an important month in the Islamic Calendar. Across the UK, Muslim adults and children will begin preparation

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Eight cool words Shakespeare Invented!

Eight cool words Shakespeare Invented! Undoubtedly, you would have started learning about Shakespeare in the last few years of primary school. Hopefully, by Years 5 and 6, you will have heard or seen one of his plays performed on stage. March 20th to March 26th is Shakespeare week; it is a time for schools everywhere

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Misconceptions about careers for neurodiverse people:

Misconceptions about Careers For Neurodiverse People:  What is neurodiversity?  Neurodiversity means that each person's brain is unique, and everyone perceives the world uniquely. It refers to brain differences that individuals may possess, including but not limited to dyslexia, dyscalculia, epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorders. Each person's brain has unique ways of understanding the world. SATs

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Five Teaching Resources to use during British Science Week

Five fantastic teaching resources to use on British Science Week 2023 With British Science Week here, there are many things teachers can use to make the day full of adventure for their class. The ten-day celebration of all things scientific is a golden opportunity to demonstrate the importance of the subject to students and make

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Top ten activities to do in the classroom this World Book Day!

Top ten activities to do in the classroom this World Book Day! World Book Day returned to the classroom last year as students across the UK and Ireland wore costumes of their favourite characters and swapped books with each other. Although the charity stalls chockful of books had yet to re-enter school halls, teachers made

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The magic of 20 minutes – Home Learning during Easter Holidays

The Magic of 20 Minutes - Home Learning during Easter Holidays The Easter Holiday period is the final steppingstone before the SATS tests in May. Therefore, integrating home learning alongside classroom practice can help your child to reinforce Upper KS2 understanding.  How is home learning different to homework? Often, homework is set assignments that adhere

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Exciting News: ERA Awards

Exciting News: SATs Companion is a 2022 ERA Awards Finalist What a school year 2022 has been so far! Alongside our recent World Class accreditation, we have another exciting announcement. SATs Companion is a finalist for the 2022 Education Resource Awards alongside our sister platform Mirodo Education! ⭐PRIMARY RESOURCE OR EQUIPMENT – ICT⭐ This is

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Influential figures-International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is an excellent opportunity to educate your pupils about influential women from the past and present. In keeping with this year's theme, Break the Bias, enjoy our quick-read post you can share with your class.  1.  Amelia Earhart- The first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic A significant pioneer in aviation,

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Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day

Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day To celebrate World Book Day's 25th anniversary, we've shared our favourite upper KS2 stories, perfect for the classroom or to read at home. Plus, you can download our free & fun World Book Day pack here to boost creativity and spark the magic of reading here:

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Magic of Topic Words

The Magic of KS2 Topic SpaG Words Getting to grips with difficult words can be tricky, but keeping your child's interest piqued can be an even greater challenge. As we approach the 4-month mark to the 2022 SATs, we're focus on a core KS2 topic. Today as we continue to focus on spelling, enjoy our

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How to use SATs Companion to boost pupil spelling and grammar skills

How to use SATs Companion to boost pupil spelling and grammar skills With the 2022 SATs only a few months away, we know preparing pupils to their best is crucial. Strong spelling & grammar, or SpaG, make up one of the key building blocks of understanding KS2+ topics. Here are a few recommendations for how

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