The magic of 20 minutes- Home Learning during Easter Holidays

The Easter Holiday period is the final steppingstone before the SATS tests in May. Therefore, integrating home learning alongside classroom practice can help your child to reinforce Upper KS2 understanding.  How is home learning different to homework? Often, homework is set assignments that adhere strictly to the curriculum. This is to help pupils progress easily

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Exciting News: ERA Awards

Exciting News: ERA Awards Finalist What a school year 2022 has been so far! Alongside our recent World Class accreditation, we have another exciting announcement. SATs Companion is a finalist for the 2022 Education Resource Awards alongside our sister platform Mirodo Education! ⭐PRIMARY RESOURCE OR EQUIPMENT – ICT⭐ This is an incredible opportunity for us,

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Influential figures-International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is an excellent opportunity to educate your pupils about influential women from the past and present. In keeping with this year's theme, Break the Bias, enjoy our quick-read post you can share with your class.  1.  Amelia Earhart- The first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic A significant pioneer in aviation,

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Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day's 25th anniversary, we've shared our favourite upper KS2 stories, perfect for the classroom or to read at home. Plus, you can download our free & fun World Book Day pack here to boost creativity and spark the magic of reading here: 1.Anne of Green Gables-L.M Montgomery “People laugh at me

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Magic of Topic Words

The Magic of KS2 Topic SpaG Words Getting to grips with difficult words can be tricky, but keeping your child's interest piqued can be an even greater challenge. As we approach the 4-month mark to the 2022 SATs, we're focus on a core KS2 topic. Today as we continue to focus on spelling, enjoy our

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How to use SATs Companion to boost pupil spelling and grammar skills

How to use SATs Companion to boost pupil spelling and grammar skills With the 2022 SATs only a few months away, we know preparing pupils to their best is crucial. Strong spelling & grammar, or SpaG, make up one of the key building blocks of understanding KS2+ topics. Here are a few recommendations for how

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New Teaching Feature: End of unit tests

We know how crucial catch-up and intervention is right now. As requested by teachers, our latest feature for the platform is new KS2 end of topic tests, perfect to boost your school's learning. How will this benefit my class/school? Our ready-made topic tests provide you with instant assessments on a topic level, providing a broad

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New Unit: KS2 Science

Developing curiosity in pupils is important, but nurturing it even more so. We're excited to announce a large and exciting change to the platform, with the launch of our new KS2 Science Unit. What will the new unit include? The new UKS2 Science module is currently comprised of formative practice question sets, designed to help

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How to make sure you’re recovery ready for Term One

How to make sure you're recovery ready for Term One Even though it's still the summer holidays, getting ready for the new school year is already roaring away. KS2-KS3 transition, baseline testing, getting pupils focused. It's going to be a busy first term back. Getting Year 5 & Year 6 pupils back on track can

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Summer Catch-Up Tips

How to keep summer catch-up going Every teacher talks about the summer learning dip, but what exactly is the summer learning dip? Very simply, the summer learning dip, otherwise known as the summer slide, is the decline in learning during the summer holidays when children are away from the classroom. Keeping your child engaged & motivated can

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How to use SATs Companion for Catch Up and Intervention In Year 5 and Year 6?

SATs Companion can be used in lots of different ways. From intervention to assigning targeted tasks- we've got you covered! We've put together this helpful guide to using the platform for catch up and intervention. Assigning Targeted Practice Tasks Setting targeted practice tasks and additional homework for your pupils

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Three Fun World Book Day Activities To Do At Home (Plus FREE Printable Worksheets)

Even though World Book Day is going to look a little different (again), this year, that doesn't mean you can't discover the magic of reading at home. Encouraging an interest in books from a young age is beneficial for healthy brain development, growing a love of learning and boots self-confidence & creativity.   We've got five

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Say Hello to Self-Kindness (Plus a FREE Self-Kindness Activity Pack)

Welcome to our second post about helping your child discover emotional wellbeing in a fun & focused way. Today's theme: Self-kindness. We all know how important it is to be kind to others, but why do we forget how to be kind to ourselves? The golden rule is 'Treat others the way

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Welcome to Mindfulness

It's safe to say, that the theme for the last year has been uncertainty. From two metre distances to suddenly everything being online, we know that everyone's had to learn how to do things differently. We've all had to learn how to expect daily changes, and most importantly slow down. And we know how challenging

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Four Fantastic Tips for Fun Remote Learning

Noticed that your child is struggling with remote learning? Want to know how to brighten things up? We know it's been an uncertain year, and inconsistency makes it even harder to stay motivated. Don't worry though, we've got you covered with these four fun remote learning tips to make online learning enjoyable & engaging. Help

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SATs Companion Troubleshooting

SATs Companion Troubleshooting TIP: If you see a unique error message, or experience a system issue, please click the share feedback button on the platform so that our Support Team can resolve your issue. Try these troubleshooting tips to see if they will resolve your

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Tips for helping your child with their Maths (With Free Mental Maths pack)

Building up mental maths is an important skill which will benefit pupils both in primary school and secondary. A strong foundation in mental maths will help your child in other aspects of maths too including word problems and reasoning. We know for maths can be tricky sometimes, but as Paul Halmos once said, “The

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6 Tips On Helping Your Child With Their Spelling

We all know that when it comes to spelling, sitting your kids down and getting the job done is never easy. However, as your child moves into Year 6, spelling complex words with precision becomes even more important. As Victor Hugo once said, “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that

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Back to School Tips Every Parent Should Know in 2020

Going back to school in 2020 can pose various challenges for children as well as their parents and teachers. Many parents are naturally concerned about returning back to school after an extended period away. For people in Year 6, the SATs may be on your mind. Figuring out ways to work together in order to

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Extend KS2 Learning Online at Home During School Closures (Includes Free Home Study Pack)

Extend Online Learning at Home During School Closures Primary and Secondary schools around the world are closing due to the upsurge in Coronavirus cases. As part of preparations, many parents have been seeking online learning tools for their children staying at home during the school closure period. At SATs Companion, we are supporting parents

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