Maths for your 11-year-old can seem like such a challenge to overcome, and at times Reading can feel excessively laborious, too. With the SATs approaching quickly, and Secondary school applications knocking on the door, Year 6 can be a stressful and overwhelming period for your child. To help combat this, we’ve put together a list of tips on how to help your Year 6 child with Maths and Reading so they’ll be sure to conquer the SATs tests in 2019!

Help your Year 6 child with Maths and Reading

For the best Maths result, the perfect strategy comprises a mix of methods and ideas. Above all, experiencing practical Maths in the real world can help to develop skills and maintain interest in the subject. And it’s certainly a welcome break from textbooks!

1. Go shopping

Taking your child shopping to the local grocery store, shopping centre or supermarket is a tried-and-tested method for developing Maths ability. Talk about the quantities of the items you’re buying and let them do the calculations. Similarly, you could take the receipt, rip off the end and let your little shopper find out how much you paid at the store, maybe there’s enough left over for a treat!

2. Take a day trip

Do a little research online to find your nearest Maths or Science museum. Then, book your tickets and get ready to dive into the exciting world of inventions and numbers! You can also check if there are any local factories or businesses giving tours and explaining the usage of Maths in design and manufacture.

3. What do your kid wants to be when they grow up?

Discovering the hidden passion for Maths could be a starting point for your child’s future profession. If their dream career is to be a pilot, an architect or a scientist, you could ignite your child’s passion for Maths by explaining how it is used in those occupations.

What do your 11-years-old wants to be when they grow up

4. Building time with Mum & Dad

Plan a fun family weekend sharing the DIY love by building something! Leave the calculations to them and get your hands busy on a new wooden birdhouse, a bookshelf or if you’re feeling ambitious, a handmade boat!

5. Take Maths outside

Beat the Maths anxiety by going out with your child on a sunny afternoon and playing outdoor Maths games.

Ask them to start spotting 3D shapes in the environment and explore their properties. In addition, you can also ask them to measure the angles of the garden or play area, and create a map using horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.

6. Play board games

Why not try playing some board games such as City of Zombies or Code Master. For example, will your kid stop the zombies reaching the player’s safe house? Or, will they prefer to programme an avatar with power crystals and reach the destination portal instead? Don’t understand any of that last sentence? Don’t worry, your child will know!

Learning Maths while cooking

7. Cook together

Cooking together is another, sure-fire way to help your Year 6 child with Maths. For example, start by making a fruit salad; using oranges and apples, your child can investigate their circumference, diameter and radius of cross-sections. Alternatively focus on measures through baking. As your child to double the quantities of a recipe or to half the amounts.

As a bonus, you will have made a delicious meal, too.

8. Plan a holiday

Planning a summer holiday for the family? Plan each days’ schedule with fun outdoor activities: visits to the beach, amusement parks or attractions. Ask your child to create a timetable using schedules, shopping lists (complete with calculations of money spent) and statistics graphs for all the activities. Use statistical skills to explore which holiday destination is most popular within the family.

Maths Treasure Hunting

9. Treasure hunt

Spend the afternoon treasure hunting with your child, which allows them to practise their mental maths while getting some valuable exercise. Write Maths problems on pieces of paper and hide them around the house or garden. If they get the right answer, they can find the next question. Moreover, make sure you prepare an award for the end of the Maths adventure!

Help your Year 6 child with Reading

Living in the Digital Age has made Reading more accessible for everyone. We’ve prepared a list of advice with which you can help your child read more! Unleash their hidden love for words and stories with these fun activities and simple games.

Help your Year 6 child with Maths and Reading

1. Go to local museums and galleries

You can start by spending the day wandering around the local museum or gallery with your 11-year-old. As a result, you will not only explore the fascinating world of art, but also find engaging texts on past cultures, civilisations and contemporary societies.

2. Have books and magazines all over your house

Another effective way to engage your child with reading is by having books and magazines spread around your house – all within hand’s reach! Additionally, you could also consider subscribing to a magazine related to something your child is enthusiastic about.

3. Have a family reading time

In addition to individual reading time, implement dedicated family reading time. Tell everyone in your family to pick a book they like and dedicate 15-20 minutes to read together.

Visit local library to help your child with Reading

4. Visit the library weekly

Take a trip to your nearby library to uncover an exciting selection of books and an environment conducive to burying one’s head in a story. Instead of only following the Year 6 school’s reading list, look out for books that are related to your child’s interests. For instance, search for publications on mystical dragons, superhero spies or far-away magical lands. Also, check out our previous blog post on how to make the most of your local library.

5. Have a book discussion

Following on from the previous tip, you could combine it with a discussion! Ask your 11-year-old to share the book they like the most, their favourite character and the best story they have stumbled upon.

Play board games to help your Year 6 child with Reading

6. Play games

Your child will most likely enjoy playing board games and/or word games with you. Delve into your cupboard and brush the dust off your old Scrabble edition.

7. Use the internet

Inspire your 11-year-old to do some research on preferred topics on the internet. For a child, reading on the internet is like travelling across vast expanses of space and time. Your Year 6 child can jump across planets by reading the latest news about Mars, or they can travel back in time by finding out more about Victorian Britain.

8. Write down your favourite quotes

Another fun tip is to encourage your kid to grab a notebook and dedicate it to collecting their favourite quotes from books (or those used by mum and dad!).

Karaoke with Year 6 child to help with Reading

9. Karaoke

Believe it or not, but karaoke is also a fun way to engage with reading. Start by writing down different words from a favourite tune. Afterwards, ask your child to explain their meaning or point out a particular figure of speech. Use songs as a way of exploring how musical artists use features such as alliteration or metaphors.

In conclusion, after giving a try to all of these fantastic ideas you can let us help your Year 6 child with Maths and Reading with SATs Companion! Sign up here and pay just £15 per month to improve your child’s confidence and skills.