The Magic of KS2 Topic SpaG Words

Getting to grips with difficult words can be tricky, but keeping your child’s interest piqued can be an even greater challenge. As we approach the 4-month mark to the 2022 SATs, we’re focus on a core KS2 topic. Today as we continue to focus on spelling, enjoy our KS2 Topic Word Dictionary Corner!

1. Achieve

Type: Verb

Meaning: Successfully bring about or reach (a desired objective or result) by effort, skill, or courage.

Origin:  Middle English (‘achieven’) and Old French (‘chief’ meaning head)

2. Bargain

Type: Noun

Meaning: An agreement between two or more people or groups as to what each will do for the other

Origin:  Middle English (‘bargaynen’)

3. Controversy

Type: Noun

Meaning: A disagreement, often a public one, that involves different ideas or opinions about something

Origin: Latin (‘contrōversia’ meaning debate)

4. Directly

Type: Conjunction

Meaning: Without question and beyond doubt

Origin: Direct (‘dīrectus’ from Latin meaning straighten) and -ly (Middle English)

5. Excellent

Type: Adjective

Meaning: Extremely good, outstanding

Origin: Medieval English

6. Hindrance

Type: Noun

Meaning: Something that holds back or causes problems with something else

Origin: From hinder (Middle English, ‘hindren’) and ‎ -ance (Middle English, ‘-aunce’)

7. Icily

Type: Adverb

Meaning: In an icy manner, acting coldly

Origin: Icy (‘īsiġ’ from Old English meaning icy)

8. Lightning

Type: Noun

Meaning: A flash of light produced by a discharge of electricity in a cloud

Origin: Old English (‘lightening’)

9. Marvellous

Type: Adjective

Meaning: A exciting wonder or surprise

Origin: Old French (‘merveille’, meaning a wonder)

10. Neither

Type: Conjunction

Meaning: A minor annoyance or inconvenience

Origin: Middle English (‘noysaunce’)

11. Prejudice

Type: Noun

Meaning: Preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

Origin: Latin (praeiūdicium‘ meaning previous judgment or damage)

12. Radiance

Type: Noun

Meaning: The quality of being radiant, shining, bright or splendid

Origin: Latin (‘radiare’ meaning to beam or to shine)

13. Sufficient

Type: Adjective

Meaning: An adequate quantity of; enough

Origin: Old French (‘sufianz’)

14. Vegetable

Type: Adjective

Meaning: An adequate quantity of; enough

Origin: Latin (vegetābilis‘ meaning able to live & grow)

15. Yacht

Type: Noun

Meaning: A type of sailing boat used for cruising or racing

Origin: Dutch

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