Podcasts to learn about pupil & teacher wellbeing

Pupil and teacher wellbeing awareness has grown significantly in the last few years, but the conversation is forever moving and shifting. Listening to podcasts is a fantastic way to learn about new wellbeing and mental health concepts, inside and outside of the classroom. To help you mindfully move through different phases of the school year,

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How schools, parents and pupils can support Ukraine

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, the SATs Companion team is here to support schools, teachers, parents, and pupils through these trying times. Whilst we can't provide you with all the answers, we can help. The team is busy providing new wellbeing content, meanwhile, refer to our recommended resources below. Explaining the war An exceptional

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Christmas Around the World (Plus a free festive Reading Pack)

Christmas encompasses many different practices, traditions & meanings for people around the world. Having been celebrated all the way back in Ancient Rome, the most wonderful time of the year is still celebrated today by billions of people in hundreds of different countries globally.  Our seasonal Christmas Around the World Christmas Reading Pack, suitable for

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New Teaching Feature: End of unit tests

We know how crucial catch-up and intervention is right now. As requested by teachers, our latest feature for the platform is new KS2 end of topic tests, perfect to boost your school's learning. How will this benefit my class/school? Our ready-made topic tests provide you with instant assessments on a topic level, providing a broad

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New Unit: KS2 Science

Developing curiosity in pupils is important, but nurturing it even more so. We're excited to announce a large and exciting change to the platform, with the launch of our new KS2 Science Unit. What will the new unit include? The new UKS2 Science module is currently comprised of formative practice question sets, designed to help

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KS2 Sats Test Papers 2019 Teachers Guide

The Countdown to the 2020 KS2 SATs Has Begun... Tick Tock, Tick Tock...to the KS2 SATs test papers The countdown has begun for the KS2 SATs test papers. You, the Year 6 teacher, need to ensure that all your pupils achieve the expected 100 standard & beyond, to ensure that your schools' league performance goes

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Dealing with Maths Anxiety

Dealing with Maths Anxiety I remember the feeling... Palms sweaty, heart racing, stomach fluttering.... Trying not to seem bothered and praying it would be over soon. No - I'm not talking about going on a roller coaster.. I'm talking about how I used to feel during every single Maths lesson. An estimated 2 million children

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Teaching Active and Passive Sentences

We've put together a few tips you can try in your classroom to help your pupils with active and passive sentences. These fantastic ideas have come directly from fellow teachers. If you'd like to add your own ideas to this list, tweet us @Sats_companion or send us an email info@satscompanion.com. 1. Get Active! Teaching active

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