It’s Libraries Week! To celebrate the wonderful addition libraries make to our communities, here’s some tips on making the most out of your local library.
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1. More than just books!

First of all libraries are great for finding out more about events in the community. As well as for borrowing the latest film or album. They are more than just a treasure trove of books, they usually work as a community hub. My local library even had a recent theatre production for toddlers!

2. Language Library

For multi-lingual families, the library is a terrific place to find books in other languages which are for both adults and children. Amusez-vous bien! That’s enjoy yourselves in French! If you are interested in learning another language, local libraries often have language groups. For younger learners, language playgroups are a great way to meet local parents that speak the same language.

3. Real Research..

The library can be a good research place, as an alternative to searching online. Similarly, process of referencing and searching for information in encyclopaedias or asking for help from a librarian can be a good learning journey for children.

4. Shhhh….

Above all, most local libraries have quiet spaces for studying or for homework.For homework projects, or even as an alternative studying space, your local library is a great place to have some quiet study or reading time.

Finally, with so many great things on offer, libraries are important parts of our local communities. Here’s to your local library! #LibrariesWeek Happy Reading.

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