Your child will love these Christmas books…

With the Christmas season here, we are excited to share our festive collection of top books for Christmas, perfect for children, not only allowing them to explore Christmas but also enhancing their comprehension and reading abilities. Step into the world of characters from various stories and explore Christmas stories. From Christmas tales to heartwarming stories

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SATs Companion’s Top 8 Children’s Poems to share with your class this World Poetry day!

SATs Companion's Top 8 Children's Poems! From the nonsensical to the romantic, we love poetry because it covers all bases about humanity. It does not always have to be sad or say something romantic, but it tends to help if it does! We understand that poetry is a personal thing and one person’s trash is

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Eight cool words Shakespeare Invented!

Eight cool words Shakespeare Invented! Undoubtedly, you would have started learning about Shakespeare in the last few years of primary school. Hopefully, by Years 5 and 6, you will have heard or seen one of his plays performed on stage. March 20th to March 26th is Shakespeare week; it is a time for schools everywhere

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Top ten activities to do in the classroom this World Book Day!

Top ten activities to do in the classroom this World Book Day! World Book Day returned to the classroom last year as students across the UK and Ireland wore costumes of their favourite characters and swapped books with each other. Although the charity stalls chockful of books had yet to re-enter school halls, teachers made

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Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day

Engaging KS2 books to read for World Book Day To celebrate World Book Day's 25th anniversary, we've shared our favourite upper KS2 stories, perfect for the classroom or to read at home. Plus, you can download our free & fun World Book Day pack here to boost creativity and spark the magic of reading here:

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Magic of Topic Words

The Magic of KS2 Topic SpaG Words Getting to grips with difficult words can be tricky, but keeping your child's interest piqued can be an even greater challenge. As we approach the 4-month mark to the 2022 SATs, we're focus on a core KS2 topic. Today as we continue to focus on spelling, enjoy our

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Christmas Around the World (Plus a free festive Reading Pack)

Christmas encompasses many different practices, traditions & meanings for people around the world. Having been celebrated all the way back in Ancient Rome, the most wonderful time of the year is still celebrated today by billions of people in hundreds of different countries globally.  Our seasonal Christmas Around the World Christmas Reading Pack, suitable for

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How to make sure you’re recovery ready for Term One

How to make sure you're recovery ready for Term One Even though it's still the summer holidays, getting ready for the new school year is already roaring away. KS2-KS3 transition, baseline testing, getting pupils focused. It's going to be a busy first term back. Getting Year 5 & Year 6 pupils back on track can

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Summer Catch-Up Tips

How to keep summer catch-up going Every teacher talks about the summer learning dip, but what exactly is the summer learning dip? Very simply, the summer learning dip, otherwise known as the summer slide, is the decline in learning during the summer holidays when children are away from the classroom. Keeping your child engaged & motivated can

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Three Fun World Book Day Activities To Do At Home (Plus FREE Printable Worksheets)

Even though World Book Day is going to look a little different (again), this year, that doesn't mean you can't discover the magic of reading at home. Encouraging an interest in books from a young age is beneficial for healthy brain development, growing a love of learning and boots self-confidence & creativity.   We've got five

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Back to School Tips Every Parent Should Know in 2020

Going back to school in 2020 can pose various challenges for children as well as their parents and teachers. Many parents are naturally concerned about returning back to school after an extended period away. For people in Year 6, the SATs may be on your mind. Figuring out ways to work together in order to

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How to prepare for the SATs Reading test at home

How to prepare for the SATs Reading test at home The KS2 SATs can be tricky to get to grips with, but whether we loathe them or think they are important, the vast majority of primary pupils do sit the tests. If you are looking for ways to support your child with the KS2

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Tips for the May KS2 Reading Paper by Primary English Teachers

We're always looking for ways to help support with the KS2 SATs.  With that in mind, we've been noting down different ways to help you support pupils prepare for the reading test in SATs Ks2 papers taking place in May. We hope that our tips will help you and your class beat

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9 Books to Read this Christmas for Year 6 Pupils

If you would like to help your child relish the joys of the festive season, then you will definitely find a gem in our list of books to read this Christmas for Year 6 pupils! We have gathered together timeless tales and modern enigmas to read during the break and unleash the Christmas spirit!

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Creative ways to fund SATs Companion

For many primary schools, budgets are increasingly tight. The focus remains on delivering high quality learning, but it can be difficult to make purchasing decisions to support this with the purse strings tightening. So why spend some of that budget on SATs Companion?, SATs Companion not only saves schools money long term, but also

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5 best ways to help your child with SPAG KS2 SATs

5 best ways to help your child with SPAG KS2 SATs Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar is a key part of the Year 6 SATs. But how can you help your child with SPAG? All it takes is lots of practice and a bundle of SATs Companion! Help your child reach that 100 on their

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Reading at Year 6 – Always a pleasure or a chore?

Reading at Year 6 - what's the fuss? Most young kids love reading, but when the busy Year 6 starts, it can be challenging to find the time to encourage them to read for fun. It's important to remember, however, that the more kids read on their own time, the higher they tend to

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KS2 Sats Test Papers 2019 Teachers Guide

The Countdown to the 2020 KS2 SATs Has Begun... Tick Tock, Tick Tock...to the KS2 SATs test papers The countdown has begun for the KS2 SATs test papers. You, the Year 6 teacher, need to ensure that all your pupils achieve the expected 100 standard & beyond, to ensure that your schools' league performance goes

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How to make the most out of your local library

It's Libraries Week! To celebrate the wonderful addition libraries make to our communities, here's some tips on making the most out of your local library. If you'd like to add your own ideas to this list, tweet us @Sats_companion or send us an email info@satscompanion.com. 1. More than just books! First of all libraries are

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Teaching Active and Passive Sentences

We've put together a few tips you can try in your classroom to help your pupils with active and passive sentences. These fantastic ideas have come directly from fellow teachers. If you'd like to add your own ideas to this list, tweet us @Sats_companion or send us an email info@satscompanion.com. 1. Get Active! Teaching active

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