📚 Preparing for the Year 6 SATs 2024:

Key Changes for SATs 2024 and how to prepare

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to SATs! As the SATs 2024 approaches in Spring, schools nationwide are supporting pupils to prepare for this assessment.

We’ve compiled all the essential information and some valuable tips to assist you in preparing your pupils for the KS2 SATs 2024.

💡 First, let’s establish the fundamental principles…

What are SATs?

SATs, short for Standard Assessment Tests, are exams that primary schools in England administer to children in Year 2 and Year 6. These tests are used as part of a range of measurements of the quality of education provided by a school. The STA (Standards & Testing Agency) is responsible for overseeing the administration and marking of SATs in schools across the UK.

When are SATs in 2024?

The Key Stage 2 SATs are timetabled from Monday 13th May to Thursday 16th May 2024.

  • English paper 1: SPAG test (grammar and punctuation) – 45 minutes

  • English paper 2: SPAG test (spelling) – 15-20 minutes

  • English paper 3: Reading test – 60 minutes

  • Maths paper 1: arithmetic – 30 minutes

  • Maths paper 2: reasoning – 40 minutes

  • Maths paper 3: reasoning – 40 minutes

When do the KS2 SATs results 2024 come out?

The KS2 SATs results for 2024 are typically released at the end of the summer term, which falls in July. During this time, the Standards and Testing Agency will make the results available. It is also important to take note of when the league tables are published, as they provide a closer examination of each school’s performance alongside their Ofsted report. In previous years, these league tables were released in December, offering further insight into school performance.

How to prepare for Year 6 SATs?

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