Accelerate progress for the Year 6 SATs 

Prepare for the Year 6 SATs 2020 with online SATs questions for Maths, Reading and Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Sats companion
English and Maths SATs support

Practice tasks for every Year 6 topic through our bank of thousands of SATs style questions. Access 10 SATs practice tests with instant marking and feedback. Detailed reporting identifying areas of improvement for Maths and English. Fill in the gaps with video lessons covering key topics. We’ve got it covered – a comprehensive tool, designed to build confidence and improve results.

For Schools 

All-in-one SATs 2020 preparation

Use SATs Companion in school to support teachers and pupils with their Y6 Maths, SPaG and Reading tests. 

Access a unique SATs question bank with over 28,000 questions for use in class, as homework or in boosters.

Save time with instantly marked SATs practice tests. SATs Companion will identify the gaps in learning and recommend personalised tasks.

Raise KS2 SATs performance through tracking and fill in the gaps through targeted intervention.

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Sats Companion at home

At Home

Help your child prepare for their Year 6 SATs tests

Everything you need to help your child get ready for their SPAG, Maths and Reading tests in May 2020. Boost your child’s confidence and accelerate their progress.

Short and regular practice on SATs Companion will build your child’s understanding across all topics helping them succeed.

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