Targeted KS2 Maths and English Intervention

SATs Companion is tried and tested and can support you with closing gaps in understanding. Provide targeted intervention quickly using our all-in-one tool. 

Personalised Catch Up Programmes For Your School

In Line with Government Catch-Up Funding Scheme

Sats companion class-room
Benefit From Our New Remote Learning Tool

Designed for teachers and pupils, our remote learning tool, is easy to use  and can work alongside Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or other live learning tools. Go Live revolutionizes learning as you can receive immediate responses and feedback at the point of learning allowing for pupils to progress rapidly.

Fill In The Gaps and Cover All Upper KS2 Topics

Access a bank of over 30,000 differentiated Maths, SPaG and Reading questions so your pupils can consolidate key topics within class or remotely. Reinforce understanding on all upper KS2 topics with our selection of 50+ fun and engaging video lessons, all structured like a real lesson. Topic guides for English and Maths accessible on pupil practice.

With SATs Companion’s time-saving reporting tool you can reduce your workload with instant marking and feedback to identify gaps in understanding on all task and tests completed. See it in action

Provide Intervention and Raise KS2 Attainment

Receive powerful data insights on individual pupil, groups or class learning gaps and provide intervention effectively. SATs Companion supports teachers in identifying common misconceptions from early to help close any gaps in understanding and raise attainment quickly.

From snapshots reports to in-depth class overviews, keep up to date and see how every child is doing for every topic. See it in action

Build Confidence and Increase Motivation

SATs Companion is designed to develop pupil confidence and build a solid foundation for the academic year. We understand it is a challenging time for pupils keeping up with learning. With our personalised rewards and goals features, SATs Companion will keep pupils motivated along the way. Assign instant trophies for progress and homework anytime.

With regular practice and a fun and engaging platform, pupils grow in confidence and fluency. Get started today

Why Schools Choose SATs Companion

Great tool for assisting SATS preparation. Good features..easy to follow short videos to help with topics,  timed tests, immediate answers, certificates for rewarding performance, etc.

Ms Holmes, Parent

I really enjoyed Sats Companion but I feel extremely sad that I am not going to use it anymore! Thank you Sats Companion; you helped me so much that my SATs was really easy.

Year 6 Pupil, London

Excellent educational product. A fantastic SATs preparation resource for my daughter. It has really helped her confidence and she really likes the videos.

Mr Cooper, Parent

How Dilkes Academy Uses SATs Companion

It’s a game changer! It’s an opportunity for learning to be consolidated both, inside and outside the classroom, and along the way the reports give us the opportunity to target focus groups immediately. It allows us to spend time doing what makes the most difference – plug gaps!

The user friendly interface has had great reviews from the kids, and all adult groups within the school have been able to utilise the report functions with ease. 

AHT, Dilkes Academy

Opportunity for immediate intervention based on outcomes has allowed us to target certain groups. Last academic year, 92% of the children on the “cusp” of achieving age related expectations proudly managed to do so as a result of the interventions we used with the help of SATs Companion.
Last year the programme was used primarily for homework. This year, during a 2 week lockdown daily GoLive maths lessons were delivered to 60 pupils. It would have been impossible to assess understanding without this!
Not having to generate of look for age related questions have been a MASSIVE game changer! Time spent marking is now spent delivering targeted interventions (all based on the report SATs Companion generate). A couple clicks of a button, allows us to find the focus groups!
Great before and after care has made us feel very looked after! It is most definatly monet well spent!