After a long exhausting day at school, doing homework can be hard! This is why we have prepared a list of hacks to help you battle Maths homework. With our collection of tips, we believe that you and your child will soon began to enjoy Year Six Maths homework. As we all know, it is suggested that when children develop a good understanding of maths skills earlier on, whether through classwork or homework, they can go on to build on this and develop a greater understanding of maths as primary school progresses.

Check what your children are studying in Year Six Maths

If you can’t recall how many sides an octahedron has then perhaps consider polishing up on maths. The first step could be to simply have a chat with their teacher about what’s happening in class and about which topics are expected to be covered in the term. Moreover, go to the school’s website and search for their homework policy. In such a way you will understand exactly how much your child should be doing and whether there are any ways of supporting. You can talk to your child’s teachers and find out which areas need support and learn more about the expectations for Year 6 Maths.

Get into a homework routine

Getting into a routine is something you won’t regret! Allocating the right amount of time after or before school can help your child get the Year Six Maths homework accomplished successfully. And soon after your child builds a routine, they will feel more confident. As they say- practice makes progress! Many schools set homework straight after a topic has been covered in class. This means the topic is still fresh and should hopefully help your child further their understanding. You could try getting the homework out of the way’ by completing it as soon as your child is back. Or you could give your child some time to relax and then approach the homework later in the evening. Find a routine that works for you and your child.

Create a fun schedule

This may sound like the easiest idea, but you won’t believe how practical it is. Get a notebook and create a planner for the homework that needs to be done each day and design it together with your child. But if you can’t find the time, don’t worry there are plenty of free apps that can assist with that, such as My Study Life or Wunderlist.


Year six Maths: homework hacks for busy parents

Create a space especially for Year Six Maths homework

Create an area without any distractions, away from the TV screen, technology and games. Somewhere quiet, clean and clear where your curious child can focus on their year six maths homework.

Craft a homework case


Find an old shoe box and turn it into your child’s new homework box! This could be where any homework for the week is set out ready to be done, or is a box full of homework supplies! Put plenty of pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers so that your child has all the maths tools they need close by. No more searching for a new pen, when the old one doesn’t work anymore!

Get some help with Year Six Maths

Although, Maths hasn’t changed for decades, the way it is taught has changed over the years. Which can then bring further complications, and could leave you feeling frustrated as a parent. Whilst you are trying to support your child, and juggle all your other commitments let SATs Companion help with SATs preparation. For just £15 per month your child will get access to a vast database with SATs style practice questions for Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Your child will also access over 50+ interactive video lessons aligned with the National Curriculum. And the best part? It’s all instantly marked! Sign up here!

Turn Maths into an everyday topic

Whether you are driving, cooking or playing outside there is always maths involved. If you make sure to highlight the existences of maths in everyday life, then you will help your child not only began loving maths but also to understand it much more. This article from the BBC gives some good tips on how to integrate Maths with daily routines such as visiting the supermarket! SATs Companion is a proud linking partner to BBC Bitesize so you can trust that your child’s Year 6 practice is in good hands!


Don’t do their homework for them

Most importantly, don’t do your child’s year six maths homework for them. Be the helping hand, but not the one that writes down the right answers at the end of the day. As parents we always want to make the life of our little ones painless but learning on their own will make it easier in the long term.

Year six Maths: homework hacks for busy parents

It’s not about whether your child is correct

When you see your child struggling, then simply share a story or a few of when you were young and had problems understanding maths or science. In such a way you will be able to explain how only hard work helps overcome such problems and that failing is on the path to learning. Don’t put too much pressure on your child, it’s not about the destination but about the journey!


Real-life maths lessons

There are plenty of ways to experience maths outside of a notebook, which could inspire your children and give them plenty of motivation when they face their Year Six Maths homework again. Discover our list of fun games and tips here.

With our list of Year Six Maths hacks, you are ready to kick start the new school term! These homework tips will help Maths become more fun than serious. As well as encourage your 11-year-old to be more confident with Maths topics.

Don’t forget- for just £15 per month your child can access SATs style practice questions and tests for Maths, Reading and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar which are all instantly marked. Your child will also access over 50+ interactive video lessons aligned with the National Curriculum. You can track your child’s progress for Maths and more so no more waiting for Parent’s Evening! Sign up here!

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