Help your child prepare for their Year 6 SATs

Everything you need to get ready for their SPAG, Maths and Reading tests in May 2021. Boost confidence and accelerate progress. Short and regular practice on SATs Companion will build your child’s understanding across all topics helping them succeed.

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SATs Companion - Y6 pupil

“Bought this as a recommendation by another parent at school and I’m glad I listened! A fun, engaging product that has helped to improve my child’s confidence and progress at school! 5 stars.”

Nicholas - parent

“My child really enjoyed using SATs Companion and he has grown in confidence in Maths”

Karen - parent
Year 6 pupil

“SATs companion is good because it helps me learn more and it makes the work super fun.’

SATs Companion - Year 6 pupil

“Exceptional outstanding programme… would truly benefit all children in year 6. Highly recommended.”

Josephine - parent

“Dear SATs Companion team, my son loved your website last year. You helped him get organised, motivated, and above all, reach the high potential cohort at Secondary School. Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it.”

Dr Kandil - parent

‘Thanks for the video lessons, it really helps me and my friends at school and at home’

Year 6 pupil

Online Practice Questions & Test Papers for KS2 SATs

Access 30,000 SATs-style questions all in line with the KS2 UK curriculum, along with help guides to support your child on every topic in Maths and SPaG. Check your child’s understanding with 10 complete Maths & English practice papers.

SATs Companion will support your child to build confidence and familiarity and help prepare for their Year 6 SATs tests.


Instant Feedback on Maths, Reading and SPAG Questions

No need to wait for Parents’ Evening! With SATs Companion, you can check in with your child’s progress at any time. Each question is instantly marked which means immediate feedback.

SATs Companion works like a personalised tutor, recommending specific topics to focus on. Short and regular practice, will increase confidence and improve results. Last year children who used SATs Companion accelerated their progress up to 30%.

Build confidence

SATs Companion’s personalised reward tool will motivate and encourage your child to achieve their potential. With goals to work towards and trophies to recognise progress, watch their confidence grow.

Access instant results and see the areas they are doing well in, and the topics they need to work on. SATs Companion will support your child to increase in confidence, become an independent learner and get secondary ready.



SATs questions for every topic for  Maths in Year 6. Numbers, Fractions, Calculations, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry, Ratio and Statistics – we’ve got it covered. 


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Thousands of questions for every topic from Adverbials, Conjunctions, Punctuation and Spelling. Unique question styles to practice in a fun and engaging way.



Prepare for the Year 6 Reading SATs test with fiction and non-fiction practice texts and questions. Practice key reading skills including inference, deduction, fact retrieval and vocabulary.

Engaging Video Lessons

Video lessons created for Year 6 pupils by UK teachers to prepare for the KS2 SATs tests .

Help your child develop their understanding with 50+ video lessons on all the key topics, available at any time. All videos are structured just like a real lesson and help to build understanding for the Year 6 SATs.


Want free resources and tips for the Y6 SATs?