Ensure Your Pupils A Better Start To Secondary Learning

SATs Companion, all-in-one platform, supports schools by closing gaps in understanding. As pupils enter year 7 with significant gaps in learning, our online platform will provide targeted intervention and a recovery programme to bridge these gaps for KS3 learning.

Recover Loss of Learning in Upper KS2 Topics

SATs Companion’s online platform covers all Year 6 Topics in English and Maths. Whether in the classroom or remotely, pupils can access our bank of over 30,000 practice questions, 15 tests and 50 lesson videos.

All practice questions and tests completed, automatically provide instant marking and feedback personalised towards each pupil. The platform will recommend specific year 6 topics to complete based on gaps and areas of intervention.

SATs Companion will build a solid foundation for your pupils in year 7, ensuring a better start to secondary education.

Provide Targeted Intervention and Plug Gaps In Learning

As pupils will be at different stages of learning due to school closures, SATs Companion’s data insights, allows teachers to identify KS2 learning gaps and provide intervention instantly. Our online platform, will equip year 7 pupils with key primary English and Maths skills in order to access the KS3 curriculum.

Find out which year 6 topics your class are behind in and we’ll give you the data you need to help your class progress into KS3 successfully.

Boost Confidence In Start For KS3

SATs Companion is designed to develop pupil confidence and build a solid foundation for pupils starting year 7. With our personalised rewards and goals features, SATs Companion will pupils motivated to catch up on missed learning and boost progress along the way throughout starting secondary education.

With regular practice and a fun and engaging platform, watch pupils grow confidence and fluency in no matter of time.

Benefit From Our New GO LIVE Feature!

Designed for teachers and pupils, our online live classroom tool is easy to use for kids and the non-tech savvy teachers. Whether in class or remotely, Go live revolutionizes learning by allowing teachers to receive immediate responses and feedback at the point of learning, allowing for pupils to progress rapidly.

Receive Additional Resources To Support Your Pupils

SATs Companion supports teachers and parents by providing learning resources to support with transtioning from KS2 to KS3. From worksheets, guides, to useful tips, benefit from receive additional resources to boost progress.

Why Thousands of Schools Choose SATs Companion

Great tool for assisting SATS preparation. Good features..easy to follow short videos to help with topics,  timed tests, immediate answers, certificates for rewarding performance, etc.

Ms Holmes, Year 6 Teacher

I really enjoyed Sats Companion but I feel extremely sad that I am not going to use it anymore! Thank you Sats Companion; you helped me so much that my SATs was really easy.

Year 6 Pupil, London

Excellent educational product. A fantastic SATs preparation resource for my daughter. It has really helped her confidence and she really likes the videos.

Mr Cooper, Parent

Colnsolidate Upper KS2 Topics and Prepare Your Pupils For KS3

Boost SATs attainment

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