New Unit: KS2 Science

Developing curiosity in pupils is important, but nurturing it even more so. We’re excited to announce a large and exciting change to the platform, with the launch of our new KS2 Science Unit.

What will the new unit include?

The new UKS2 Science module is currently comprised of formative practice question sets, designed to help pupils develop a keen scientific knowledge, to help them investigate and discover the world around them.  Depending on what pupil & teacher feedback we receive, more content will be gradually added for a more differentiated learning experience. The various sub-topics include

  • Magnets
  • Evolution and Inheritance
  • Living Things
  • Light and Sounds

How will this benefit my class/school?

SATs Companion’s new science module breaks down complicated topics easily, more a simplified learning experience. This is important to help introduce pupils to topics outside of KS2 Maths & English.

Is the content age-appropriate?

All question sets are aligned to content outlined by the National Curriculum, suitable for Year 5-6, or for building a foundation prior to secondary school transition.

Does my school need to pay to access the science content?

The new unit is available as part of your normal SATs Companion subscription, no additional payment is required.

Will this increase admin or lesson preparation?

The platform uses its real-time feedback features to provide instant marking for pupils as they move through each question. Ideally, this should act as a further time-saver for teachers. Also, with science questions being in the same place alongside Maths & English, you no longer need to scour the internet for specific worksheets.

This all sounds amazing, how do I get started?

Glad you asked! If you are already signed up for SATs Companion, then just click here to access your account. Alternatively, our team is available throughout the week for free in-depth demos of the platform. Book your place today here.

We hope SATs Companion helps strengthen your class’s progress through all stages of KS2.

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