We are a team of teachers, parents and SATs specialists working to prepare pupils across the country for the Y6 SATs tests and Secondary School.

SATs Companion came about because as teachers we were always on the lookout for great Year 6 resources. Initially we decided to create our own high-quality resources to share with teachers. You may recognise our famous SPaG placemat.

Through positive feedback, we realised that there was a need for an-all-in one SATs preparation tool.

Whilst there are many off-the shelf publishers and practice tests, we are confident our technology is unique. Since we started our mission to support teachers and parents, we have helped thousands of children prepare for the KS2 SATs tests and as a result have raised attainment by over 30%.

We work hard to support teachers’ to effectively prepare their pupils whilst saving time and reducing workload. From working exclusively with schools, we are now supporting thousands of parents to give their children the confidence to succeed.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our parents and teachers. It’s really important to us that SATs Companion works both in the classroom and at home and that pupils enjoy using it. Their feedback helps shape the improvement of the platform each year.

In recent years, SATs Companion has continued to grow through building our partnerships with UCL and the British Library. We are also proud to be linking partners with BBC Bitesize.

Feel free to reach out to find out more or with any queries.