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In 2013 the Government brought in new changes to the curriculum and removed the old National Curriculum levelling system. Suddenly, we were dealing with the challenge of ‘life after levels’. As teachers and parents we felt there was little information and limited resources available that assisted with preparing for the new SATs tests.

So a team of teachers and headteachers got together in Tooting within the ‘Big Smoke’ of London. After several discussions and many (30!) cups of tea later, the idea for SATs Companion was developed.

Initially the system was created to use within our own classrooms. We wanted a tool that could address all the challenges we were facing. Namely: the time it was taking us to create resources and mark work, the expense of test papers and tracking tools and finally, the new style of SATs questions. We quickly realised these challenges were being faced by other teachers across the UK.

We spent 18 months researching and speaking to schools, teachers, senior leaders, parents and pupils. With decades of experience in schools and classrooms behind us we wanted to use that to power SATs Companion.

There are many online systems out there but we know we have something unique. We’re here for teachers. And that’s what makes SATs Companion different.  Our initial goal and focus is what motivates us every day. Save teachers time, money and stress. 

We genuinely want to make a positive difference and we are always open to new ideas and feedback. If you have any suggestions or you’d like to find out more, please feel free to email directly at info@satscompanion.com.

All the best from the SATs Companion team & Mimi the cat (our mascot!)

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