Even though World Book Day is going to look a little different (again), this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t discover the magic of reading at home. Encouraging an interest in books from a young age is beneficial for healthy brain development, growing a love of learning and boots self-confidence & creativity.


We’ve got five fun things you can do at home with your child, along with a FREE World Book Activity Day pack, just in time for Thursday 4th March!

1.Favourite Character Photoshoot

Everyone knows the best thing about World Book Day is dressing up as your favourite book character. Focusing on creativity can be a good distraction if your child is feeling low. You don’t any special camera equipment, a smartphone or even a web camera will do. As an extra tip, try to be creative with the photos. Instead of just basic poses, go the extra mile & do theme photos (E.g. If their favourite character is Harry Potter, use Zoom backgrounds to include a Hogwarts-esque backdrop.

2.Short-story Challenge

Want to combine fun & learning? Ask them to write you a short story to flex their creative writing muscles. Changing the end of their favourite book is a good place to start, and story prompt generators are good places for inspiration if you get stuck. Also, be sure to visit BBC Bitesize for tips on how to structure creative writing.

3.Character Collage

For this activity, you’ll need old magazines, newspapers or leaflets (Anything with lots of pictures & bold text), colouring pencils, felt-tip pens or other art supplies (The bolder the better). Get your child to choose something about their favourite book (Setting, favourite character, what type of book is it), and using the gathered materials create a college based around what they have chosen. Art collages are an amazing way for self-expression, and increasing communication skills. 

Although World Book Day comes but once a year, we’ve got you covered with our fun (and most importantly FREE), complete with five+ fantastical printable worksheets. Make sure to download your World Book Day Pack here, and be sure to visit our other resources for more fun as well.

Happy learning everyone!