For many primary schools, budgets are increasingly tight. The focus remains on delivering high quality learning, but it can be difficult to make purchasing decisions to support this with the purse strings tightening.

So why spend some of that budget on SATs Companion?, SATs Companion not only saves schools money long term, but also saves time. Teachers save approximately 3 hours a week on marking and planning by using SATs Companion. This therefore has a direct impact on teacher wellbeing and workload.

With intervention and differentiation at your fingertips, SATs Companion is the best solution for schools looking for budget friendly ways to improve attainment.

So where can schools find the funds in their budgets for SATs Companion? Read on to find out!

1. Where is your budget currently being spent?

Consider how funds are currently being spent at school. Are you investing in single use workbooks that are time consuming and pricey? Purchasing test sets and revision workbooks separately can prove to be expensive and also adds up in the amount of workload involved in managing these resources.

With SATs Companion all tests, revision and tracking is in one place. Everything is instantly marked therefore saving precious teacher time.

Is your school currently using one online system for Maths and another for SPaG? Multiple systems mean lots of admin with lots of different logins to keep track of. SATs Companion offers Maths, Reading and SPaG all in one place.

Are any purchases coming up for renewal? Get in touch to discuss how much you can save using SATs Companion instead.

2. Using Pupil Premium Funding Effectively:

SATs Companion is designed to help close the attainment gap. Many schools use SATs Companion as an intervention tool to help disadvantaged pupils of all abilities perform better. It is also used to close the gap between these pupils and their peers.

With differentiated questions available in an instant you can access resources appropriately pitched for your pupils. SATs Companion also offers clear tracking so you can see exactly which topics specific pupils or groups of pupils need to work on.

SATs Companion supports pupils and gives them the boost they need to succeed in SATs in Maths, Reading and SPaG. Thinking of purchasing just for your intervention group? We offer a specialised intervention package too. Click here to book a chat and find out more.

3. Getting parents on board:

With school funding regularly appearing in the media, many parents are well aware of the budget restrictions schools face. We work with many schools who have funded SATs Companion through the PTFA or even through parent fundraisers.

Giving parents and pupils access to a unique personalised intervention and tracking tool through the all important transitional Year 6 is definitely something many are keen to support.

Some schools we work with opted to fund half and have put in a bid to the PTFA to fund the other half. We also had one school that funded SATs Companion through a cake sale which led to some delicious baking!

Book in a quick 15-minute chat with our team today to find out how SATs Companion can work with your school.