Top 10 UK Educators you NEED to follow on Twitter

Teacher twitter seems to be trending every other week, with important discussions around exams, teacher strikes, and everyday life taking the spotlight. It’s a bustling, welcoming, and friendly community that you should be a part of. If you’re tired of being out of the loop, fear not, as SATs Companion has got some insider intel. Here are the best top 10 teachers accounts to follow on Twitter

  1. Mr G @DeputyGrocott

If you’ve spent any time on teacher twitter, you’ll have no doubt come across Mr G. He’s a Year 4 teacher and deputy head who hosts the fabulous #FFBWednesday hashtag. Arguably the best hashtag to connect and network with other teachers, #FFBWednesday runs every week and is a great space to introduce yourself and get acclimated with teacher twitter.

  1. Ashley Booth @MrBoothY6

Ashley recently transitioned from Year 6 to Year 5 and champions reading both in and outside the classroom. Ashley is well trusted and has a loyal teacher following and touches on prominent topics, shares helpful resources, and starts interesting discussions you don’t want to miss out on!

  1. Emily Weston @primaryteachew

Like Ashley, Emily is a bookworm and runs her own popular book blog. She also hosts the #TeacherSelfcareSunday hashtag, as well as highlighting exciting and useful resources to share with your class. Emily’s twitter is unique in that it provides a real insight into the ups and downs of being a teacher.

  1. Lynn McCann @ReachoutASC

Lynn McCann is an autism support consultant and specializes in providing support, training, advice, and resources surrounding autism in the classroom. Lynn’s twitter is unique in that she provides expertise in the area of autism in teaching, which can inform your approach to diverse needs in your classroom.

  1. Pooky Knightsmith @PookyH

An essential account to follow for guidance on everything SEND and Mental health related, Pooky provides useful resources, training, and advice on how to facilitate special needs in the classroom.

  1. Toria Bono @Toriaclaire

Torio is a teacher, coach, and the founder #TinyVoiceTalks, which is one of the most popular teacher hashtags on twitter. She also hosts the ‘Tiny Voice Talks Education’ podcast and is the author of ‘Tiny Voices Talk.’ An essential follow if you’re looking to network within teacher circles and listen in on important discussions.

  1. Adisa @Adisapoet

Adisa is a poet, writer, and performer who regularly performs in schools across the U.K. He strongly believes freedom lies in the quest for our artistic voice. His twitter provides wonderful creative insight and inspiration.

  1. Mr Bee @mrbeeteach

Mr Bee teacher is the second deputy head (and year 6 teacher) on our list, as well as an author and Primary Mastery Specialist. He runs a blog packed full of free resources and teaching guidance and training, and his twitter reflects this.

  1. Jan Marnell @janmarnell – Resources etc.

Jan is an SLT phase leader who shares fantastic resources and tweets topically, so you’ll never be out of the loop.

  1. Jasmine @MissKay_MissKay

Jasmine’s twitter is a wonderful celebration of diversity! She often shares fun giveaways, resources, and more.