SATs Revision Bundle

Limited offer SATs Revision Bundle to help your child prepare for the SATs 2019 including:


1.  SPAG Placemat

We’ve put together a learning aid to prepare pupils for the SPaG test. With the SPAG placemat you get key terms and examples for Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar. Download, print & use as a poster, cover page or as a revision guide.


2. SPAG Placemat Revision Version

Test your child’s knowledge by filling in the blank areas with definitions and examples. Download a revision version of our hugely popular SPAG placemat.


3. Maths and SPAG Revision Checklist

Two SATs revision checklists covering Maths and SPAG! All the key topics listed, perfect to stick in books or to use at home! Get the latest key information for the updated Mathematics Curriculum. Use as posters, cover pages or revision guides.


4. Maths Revision Mats (set of 6)

Download our visually engaging Maths revision mats giving key information on:

o    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
o    Algebra
o    Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
o    Geometry
o    Measurement
o    Number & Place Value
o    Ratio and Proportion
o    Statistics



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