Educational apps and websites have rapidly grown and taken over the contemporary world. After all it is an easier way to grasp knowledge, revise subjects and study. This week, we put together a selection of free Maths and English learning websites and apps for KS2 children. We hope that they can help your primary child in the run up to the SATs tests.

BBC Bitesize

First of all, start by discovering the amazing world of our linking partners – BBC Bitesize. With their web resources you can support your child both in Maths and English. The free learning website includes anything from fractions, percentages and ratio to prefixes and suffixes. All explained with the use of stunning short animations, fun games, step-by-step guides, appealing activities and quizzes. Designed especially to aid pupils in both schoolwork and exams.

BBC Bitesize Maths & English


Another recommendation is Zapzapmath – an exciting learning app for maths enthusiasts and everyone who needs help. Available both for Apple and Android devices absolutely free of charge, this app will help Maths become fun. The games are aligned to international maths standards, so players acquire mathematical skills as they play. There is also the option of playing against each other in a multiplayer mode, which encourages competition.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an amazing website featuring online resources for learning and revising Maths. Including practice exercises, instructional videos and a personalised learning dashboard which will help your child to enjoy studying independently!

BBC Skillswise

Why not have a look at BBC Skillswise, although it is directed towards adults it includes all the things your child is also studying at school! Explore the fun and educational videos explaining key topics in English and Maths.

Maths Zone

Additionally, you can try out Maths Zone, which is a brilliant website full of mini flash games covering all sides of Maths for KS2 children. Comprising mental maths, fractions and decimals, shapes and measures. These games and activities will boost your child’s confidence and help explore the amusing world of numbers. Being able to perform mental maths is an important skill and in Maths Zone you can find many games that stimulate this.

English Grammar Book

This free app available both to Android and Apple devices, covers 138 popular grammar points using simple explanations, interesting examples and exciting quizzes. English Grammar Book will help your child improve their English grammar and writing.

Ks2 SATs Free Resources

Oxford Grammar and Punctuation

As the name suggests, this app clarifies and outlines over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. Using simple language, many examples and lessons to help better learning. With real-world examples of the different usages of words, explanations of basic terms such as split infinitive, participle and adverb. As well as including a huge bank to questions with specific answers. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation, lets you also use the camera of your device to look up words, but also has a voice search too. At the moment the app is free only for Android, and paid for Apple devices.

Free Books – Read & Listen

And last of all, you can try out Free Books & Read & Listen, which is a brilliant app for reading available both on Android devices. The app includes books your child has probably already read and many more to discover with a database of 51,305 books in total. From Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare to Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Mark Twain Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and many more timeless fairy tales, novels, short stories and fantasies.

We hope that this selection of free learning apps, games and websites will help your child improve in Maths and English. Why not try them out and see how your child builds their confidence!

If you are looking for a specific tool to improve confidence for the SATs, then why not try SATs Companion for just £15 per month, with a 14-day money back guarantee option..