With September well underway, it’s the time of year when the novelty of being back to school sometimes turns to back to school stress. Although the majority of you will have big grins as you can finally get a break, there is still work to do! After the long summer break of no curfews, relentless fun and hyperactivity, getting back into the mojo of things can prove difficult amongst lots of parents.

However this does not have to be the case. Read on to find out our top tips to make this transition up to the first half term a lot easier…

✅Set a Routine

Routine was perhaps not the go-to word during the summer holidays. With two weeks of school under our belts, maintaining the ‘school time’ routine becomes important. This will not only benefit your sanity, but will help your child adjust from the long weeks of holiday. Ease into the process by getting them to go to their rooms early, even if they aren’t in bed straight away. By doing this, you are creating a healthy sleeping habit for your child in the long run.

Not only will this prevent the dreadful morning wake-ups for your child, but will help you to organise yourself more productively. This allows time for lunch boxes to be organised or even getting yourself ready for work the next day.

✅ Prepare

The list of things children need for school are endless. Is PE day on Wednesday or Thursday? Does Homework need to come in on Mondays or Fridays? It can get a bit much! We recommend having a checklist of all the things your child will need for school. Try putting a list on the fridge with all the relevant information.

If your child is in KS2 in primary, why not delegate some of that responsibility to your child? Get them to organise all their school supplies. You could even provide a small incentive to get them going!

One key essential to bare in mind is school uniform. Jumper stains, shrunken trousers, ripped shoes and that’s just the first week!. Check this beforehand to avoid any last minute catastrophes! You will save yourself on costs, time and stress!

If you are struggling on funds to purchase your child’s uniform, there are organisations that can help. Charities such as “School for Home” provide grants to low income families to buy essential school items. Charity shops that are local to the school sometimes stock second hand uniform.

✅ Speak To Other Parents

Speaking to other parents is a great way to relieve your stress and concerns. They are also in the same boat as you so there is no need to panic. Whether it’s a family member, neighbour or friend, they will understand the struggles. Who knows, they might have some great saving tips on where to get cheap school equipment or uniforms from.

By sharing and exchanging knowledge, you can get a better perspective on your child’s education and behaviour as a friends child may experience similar things to yours.

Social media can be a useful tool to tap into the experience of other parents. From quick dinner ideas to how to remove the stubbornest paint stains from a polo top, join local groups on social media where there is often some really useful information!

And- if you do manage to find a magical stain remove, pass the recommendation our way!

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