As the SATs exams are approaching, your child may be feeling a bit worried. Thus we thought of helping you with a series of easy tips to reduce the SATs stress.

1.Practice for 30 minutes each day, as through repetition and familiarisation your child will feel more comfortable and prepared for the tests.

2. We recommend revising for short periods but often. Building familiarity helps to build confidence for the days of the SATs tests.

3. Acquaint yourself with the papers and spend some time reading them and understanding what kind of questions and tasks your child has to do, you can get our SATs Survival Guide, which includes examples of questions by clicking here.

4. Sometimes the questions may not sound very clear. You can work together with your child and find ways to explain them.

5. Praise when they have done well and even when they have given a wrong answer; celebrate their success, but also the failure! While helping them to discover the right answers, be as supportive as you can.

6. Talk about exam techniques with your child and maybe start from the easy questions and move to the harder ones, or try the other way around depending on what works best for your child.

SATs stress

7. The homework your child will get assigned at this point of the year will most probably be linked to the SATs preparation so spend time when your child is going through it and give a supporting hand.

8. Also make sure your child has early nights in bed and healthy meals as that will help reduce stress and bring them more energy.

9. Above all, make sure to let them know that there is no way they can fail!

10. Plan something exciting to do after the SATs as this will serve as a treat for passing the exams and also an enthusing event to look forward to.

These tips will help children who are worried and can do with some reassurance, alongside will help with the SATs preparation and the tests themselves.