Welcome To SATs Companion

Getting Started

A warm welcome to the SATs Companion community! We’re so excited for you to discover all the different ways you can benefit from SATs Companion all year round. 

We’ve collated some useful information and resources to help you get started on your SATs Companion journey. Watch our platform overview video and see all the exclusive features you can benefit from!

5 Steps To Getting Started on SATs Companion

Step 1. Generating Login Letters

Download slips and letters from within your account to share with pupils.


Step 2. Getting Trained

Book a webinar training session to understand how to make the most of SATs Companion at your school.

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Step 3. Connect Our Webpage To Your Website

Add our login page – https://app.satscompanion.com/login  to your website so pupils can easily access SATs Companion.

Step 4. Telling Parents

Inform parents with our handy letter and parent guide.

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Step 5. Launch Assembly

Hold a SATs Companion launch assembly at school by downloading our presentation and script.

Download Script
Download Presentation

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