Maths Revision Mats (set of 6)

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Download the latest key information for the updated Mathematics Curriculum. Use as posters, cover pages or revision guides.


Download our visually engaging Maths revision mats giving key information on:


o    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
o    Algebra
o    Fractions, Decimals & Percentages
o    Geometry
o    Measurement
o    Number & Place Value
o    Ratio and Proportion
o    Statistics

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18 reviews for Maths Revision Mats (set of 6)

I purchased this for my class to use in lesson to recap the key points of Maths, to revise for the tests. It has been very useful and the kids love it. Thank you.

William – November 10, 2018

Thank you for a well thought out revision mats to help for the Year 6 SATs.

Paulette – November 7, 2018

Nice revision mats that my son uses for his Maths revision.

Ela – October 31, 2018

Fantastic resource. Well designed and easy to use. Thank you!

Whitney – October 1, 2018

Very helpful for my class to recap key topics.

Maybelle – September 30, 2018

Really clear and easy to use.

Patty – September 26, 2018

Amazing resource, very helpful.

Pat – September 24, 2018

Very comprehensive – overs ALL the maths topics for the Year 6 SATs. Very useful for SATs preparation.

Carlota – September 23, 2018

Fantastic resource for my pupils. Thank you.

Nate – September 21, 2018

Fantastic product. Very nice design and great to use.

Cooper – May 10, 2018

Way cool! Ѕome extremely high quality SATs maths material which my pupils loved!

Carin – April 25, 2018

My рartneг and I stumbled across SATs Companion and I like what I see ѕo now i am following you.
Look forward to using your resources again.

Sabina – April 5, 2018

Great revision resource

Halima F – February 12, 2018

Brilliant resource – really useful for the pupils!

Dina – September 28, 2017

Nice revision aid for the Year 6 SATS.

Gary – September 25, 2017

Really clear, practical and engaging for the pupils. A brilliant teaching resource.

Josephine – September 20, 2017

Just as good as the SPAG placemat – if not better! This will really help my pupils to understand the Maths Curriculum. Thank you!

Emily – September 13, 2017


Mrs Hickson – September 13, 2017

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