Learning about key topics in Maths and English can be even more engaging when you bring arts and crafts into the mix! We’ve curated some ideas for activities you can try with your child to bring KS2 Maths and English concepts to life.

1. Building 2D and 3D shapes using craft sticks.

Why not start by building shapes using craft sticks? Here’s a fun idea to help reinforce key mathematical concepts. All you need are craft sticks, and play-dough or soft reusable adhesive such as tack. Try making 2D shapes first and then experiment with 3D shapes! Extend your child’s learning by asking them to think about lines of symmetry and try to use different colour craft sticks to represent that.

Experiment with making 3D shapes with different bases including square based or triangle based pyramids. Which is more secure? You could even try using sticks from outdoors or making the shapes on a bigger scale!

Interactive learning activities for the SATs

2. Creative Insect Symmetry

Try this fun and creative activity to practice symmetry involving bugs! This activity will be useful in practicing reflection and symmetry. Try using different colours and you’ll have a beautiful picture to display at home too! You can access a free download of insect symmetry worksheets here.

Interactive learning activities for the SATs

3. Measuring angles using doors

Using some tape, use the angle of the door to practice geometry. This can be an engaging way to look at angles and brings the concept to life. You could also use tape to create patterns on a table top and measure angles this way. Try spotting angles in other everyday objects.

Interactive learning activities for the SATs

4. Spelling Tic Tac Toe

This spelling game helps to revise words in a fun way. We created a game for you to try:

Interactive learning activities for the SATs

5. Create your own bookmark

Whilst not specifically related to learning, anything that might help to encourage reading is always a plus. You can try creating geometric bookmarks, or even something with natural elements like below.

Interactive learning activities for the SATs

6. Spelling scribbles

Ask your child to draw a scribble doodle. In each of the spaces your child can fill the area by writing tricky spelling words. This is a creative and fun way to learn spellings and can help to reinforce spelling structures.

We hope you enjoy trying these creative learning activities. Let us know if you have any suggestions we can add to this list!

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