Year 6 SATs help

Using SATs Companion at Home

SATs Companion provides everything you need to get your child ready for their SPAG, Maths and Reading tests in May.

Here’s what to expect once you have signed up:

1. A diagnostic test

This is a short test in English and Maths which will enable our platform to identify the areas your child is doing well in, and the topics that need extra support. Complete these tests fully and SATs Companion will start to identify the areas your child needs to work on.

2. Practice and revision

Once the diagnostic test has been completed, SATs Companion will recommend personalised topics that your child can complete. These tailored topics will help to build confidence in the specific areas your child needs to build up their understanding. Tackle each subject topic by topic. Each practice task your child completes on SATs Companion, helps to further tailor the system to their individual learning areas. Use the practice area in conjunction with the test area.

We would recommend 20 minutes of practice at least 3 times a week.

3. Tests

You can find complete Test Sets within the Test area of the account. We would recommend that your child completes a test set to get an overview of their understanding across multiple topics. This can help to provide an overview of their understanding of Maths, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar and Reading in Year 6. As the tests are in the SATs style, they can also provide a useful guide of the areas your child needs to work on including time management. In order to access the full results for the test, all parts of the test set must be completed as this is styled like the actual SATs tests. Complete one full test before moving on to the next.

4. Video lessons

This is a key area of the system and one we find most Year 6 pupils engage with. Your child will have access to a video library of over 50+ videos on the key topics. SATs Companion will automatically recommend videos for your child to watch based on their individual learning goals. Your child can also go in at any time and watch the videos, as they provide a useful way to recap topic or even as help for any school homework! The videos are structured like a lesson and there are opportunities to pause the video, answer the questions and follow along as the teacher explains concepts.

5. Reports and Progress

Finally, the reporting area which is the data hub of SATs Companion. Most pupils like to visit this area themselves. We’ve found that it enables independent learning as many pupils like to see the areas they need to work on and go into the practice area to build their understanding. You can see a topic by topic breakdown and you can also see a progress chart for tests completed.

We’re always here to help if you have any questions on your journey to SATs success. You can reach us on 0208 767 1971 or drop us an email on with any queries.