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Exclusive Features For Classroom Learning

SATs Companion is your all-in-one solution to classroom learning and more! Assign thousands of National Curriculum aligned tasks and homework online and receive instant data and feedback. 

Access a range of summative assessments, from a diagnostic test to the topic and termly tests, find out where the gaps are for your pupils.

Receive full data reporting on an individual, class, and group level. Fill gaps in understanding and provide targeted intervention quickly. 

Consolidate Learning with SATs Companion’s bank of engaging and interactive video lessons. Covering key topics in English and Maths, develop skills quickly. 

GoLive is our real-time feedback tool. Conduct small or large sessions in the classroom class and receive instant pupil responses. Work questions one at a time with your class or allow pupils to work at their own pace.  


Boost confidence and fluency in class with SATs Companion’s personalised goals and rewards features. Assign automated trophies and reward progress, behavior, and more.

Why Schools Love Using SATs Companion In the Classroom?

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