SATs Practice Online: Year 6 KS2 Maths & SPAG

SATs Companion is the all-in-one SATs preparation tool which will provide you with everything you need to help your child with the SATs 2020.

Build your child’s confidence ahead of the tests and pave the way for success! With SATs Companion, your child will have access to 28,000 SATs style questions all with instant marking. SATs Companion will identify specific topics in English and Maths that your child needs to work on, and will recommend personalised tasks designed to fill in the gaps in learning.

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How can SATs Companion help your child?

✅ Access 28,000 SATs-style questions for Maths and English.

✅ Check your child’s understanding with 10 complete Maths & English practice test sets – all with instant marking.

✅ Using SATs Companion can support independent learning. Build your child’s confidence with fun rewards and goals to work towards.

✅ 50+ engaging and fun video lessons

Access full reports showing areas your child is doing well in, and the topics they need to work on to build their understanding of Maths and English.

Sats companion SPAG questions

SATs Companion can help boost results by 30%

SATs Companion works like a personalised tutor, recommending specific topics to focus on. With short and regular practice, your child will build their confidence and improve their results.

Last year children who used SATs Companion accelerated their progress up to 30%.

Help your child progress & get the best results with SATs Companion.

English and Maths.

Working with top UK academics, we have developed a way to develop skills in English and Maths for Year 6 SATs revision whilst supporting your child in every step.

SATs Companion works just like a private tutor, but at a fraction of the cost! With unlimited access to Maths & English SATs KS2 papers, questions and unique video lessons, your child will build their confidence in the foundational subjects.

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Parents surveyed feel SATs Companion boosts confidence

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SATs Companion has a positive impact on increasing results

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Parents would recommend SATs Companion

Great tool for assisting SATS preparation. Good features..easy to follow short videos to help with topics,  timed tests, immediate answers, certificates for rewarding performance, etc.

Ms Holmes, Parent

Excellent educational product. A fantastic SATs preparation resource for my daughter. It has really helped her confidence and she really likes the videos.

Mr Cooper, Parent

I really enjoyed Sats Companion but I feel extremely sad that I am not going to use it anymore! Thank you Sats Companion; you helped me so much that my SATs was really easy.

Year 6 Pupil, London

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