How do you currently prepare for the KS2 SATs test?  Are you using past KS2 Sats papers which you have to mark yourself and spend hours analysing? Using limited, off-the-shelf publisher content, that is (again!) workload heavy?

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Ultimately, your time is valuable and that needs to be appreciated. That’s why we created a unique approach, both detailed and tailored to your individual pupil needs.

Why? To improve your KS2 SATs results and reduce YOUR workload. 

Call us on 0208 767 1971 to improve your 2019 SATs results, with NO increase in your workload.

Our Approach

We work closely with our schools to provide intervention when it matters most.

Through our innovative platform, along with our dedicated SATs Specialists – you’ll see progress.

Practical & Simple

We know how demanding SATs are and the consequences on your workload.

Our proven platform reduces time spent on planning, marking and data analysis.


Through our personalised and unique platform, we have improved Year 6 SATs  results up to 30% and reduced teacher workload.

Rather than spending hours trying out software trials and reading long-winded documentation – call us on for a 10-minute consultation.

0208 767 1971

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