Since 2016, we have instilled confidence, improved results and given children the best start to Secondary school. This hasn’t changed for the KS2 SATs 2019.

We are linking partners for BBC Bitesize and we are the team behind the super-popular SPAG Placemat.   SATs Companion KS2 Year 6 SPAG Placemat KS2 SATs 2019

We know the pressure and level of expectation. It’s not easy, it’s tough. However, the reality is we have to prepare our pupils for the KS2 SATs test papers – whether we like it or not!

This is why we created this blog section, so you can access all the information needed surrounding the Year 6 KS2 SATs.

Check out the latest blogs for the KS2 SATs 2019. We give up-to-date information, tips & advice for teachers, parents and pupils.