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5 Ways to Inspire Kids to Dream Big!

  Dreaming big is something we all hope to instil in our children. From praise to providing opportunities to excel, dreaming big should be something we foster from a young age. But many of us often focus on the reality rather than allowing ourselves to dream big too! With this in mind, how can we

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How to help your child build creativity

The 21st April marks the UN's World Creativity and Innovation day. In honour of this day, we've put together some interesting ways to help build up creativity for your child. Creativity can harness incredible possibilities for children and helps develop their intellect, their imagination and even boosts skills like problem solving. Here's our top

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How to create a successful revision schedule for KS2 SATs

With the KS2 SATs approaching, you may be looking at ways to support your child with revision before the tests in May. We've scoured the internet and spoken with our SATs experts to compile the top tips for preparing for the SATs. 1. Set a schedule With Easter holidays here, it's a good time

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