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Tips for the May Ks2 Reading Paper by Primary English Teachers

With the start of the new term in 2019, we've been noting down different ways to help you support pupils prepare for the reading test in SATs Ks2 papers taking place in May. We hope that our tips will help you and your class beat the test! In class: 1. Start with the process

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Free Maths & English Learning Websites and Apps

Educational apps and websites have rapidly grown and taken over the contemporary world. After all it is an easier way to grasp knowledge, revise subjects and study. This week, we put together a selection of free Maths and English learning websites and apps for KS2 children. We hope that they can help your primary

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Year Six Maths: Homework Hacks for Busy Parents

After a long exhausting day at school, doing homework can be hard! This is why we have prepared a list of hacks to help you battle Maths homework. With our collection of tips, we believe that you and your child will soon began to enjoy Year Six Maths homework. As we all know, it

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